Zen's Den pending a minor act of god. Or vice versa.

There are no promises made or broken here. This is what it is and I shall do as I do. There is no privacy here. I may browse the logs for amusement and publish them as I see fit.

Blog I probably won't be doing much blogging, I'm too haphazard in my writing, but I may sometimes edit posts I've made on other boards and flesh them out a bit here.

It's really just a wrap around the discussion boards but it looks more like a blog, and <sarcasm> we all know that looks are more important than substance </sarcasm>.

At some point I'll pack up the boredz software again and issue an update with the blogging pieces in it. Don't hold your breath, as there isn't much interest since there are roughtly ten thousand other [and mostly better, I'd say, but not mine] bbs/blog packages out there.

Also here is an indexed archive of The Yahoo SCOX stock message board.

Miscellaneous pictures

Yahoo royally FU'd their message boards last weekend (15 July 2006). In total disgust I wrote my own message board system, "boredz". I've opened a Public Message Board to the world, but haven't much traffic yet (if ever). When I've sanitized some code, I'll GPL the system.

Some SCO vs IBM documents.
Some SCO vs Novell documents.
A few SCO Bankruptcy documents.
Some Miscellaneous legal documents some may find of interest.

Outside Links

Investor Village's Message Board for SCOX