There are no promises made or broken here. This is what it is and I shall do as I do. There is no privacy here.
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"boredz" History

The boredz software is the result of a fit of pique. I had been a longtime follower of the saga of the SCOX group and their despicable FUD attempts against Linux and open source over on the Yahoo SCOX finance message board. It *had* been a simple, relatively clean interface.

Well in mid July 2006 they changed it drastically to a thread default, no easy reference per post, do way to follow deep threads, javascript entwined piece of crap.

boredz is the material evidence of my disgust. Most of it was written the following weekend (some code pulled from my own libraries written for other things). Later refinements were added on, some with user feedback, some not.

At all events boredz is meant to be a very much minimalist message board system. No "avatars" please.

This software is GPL (v2) so you are welcome to take the code in the following packages and use and abuse it in whatever manner your perverted little heart or other organs desire so long as you publish code to any distributed changes and follow the other rules expressed in the GPL.

Source code